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Monday, April 30, 2007

[ShBride 16] I Understand!

Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

And because you Gentiles have become his children,
God has sent the Spirit of his Son into your hearts,
and now you can call God your dear father.” - Galatians 4:6 NLT

Today, dear friend of the Shiite Bride, let's hear from an American follower of Jesus who has spent most of his life living and serving God among Muslims.


Shiites are similar to all Muslims in the fact that they struggle with the idea of the Trinity. I am often told, “There is no god but God, but you, as a follower of Christ, believe in three separate gods.


While trying to work through this issue with my Shiite friend, Zul-Fikar, I tried many different ways to explain these truths, even though there is much I don’t fully understand myself.


Our discussions went on for weeks with little headway seemingly being made. Zul-Fikar just couldn’t accept the fact that God could have a son and also be spirit. “If God had a son then that means that God is a father. God being a father, how could that be?


Zul-Fikar's earthly father was abusive towards him, his siblings and his mother. He was depressed and wondered if life was even worth living.  Each day Zul-Fikar's hatred for his father grew more intense, and he told me: “I am the son of one father and am trying to get away from him. I don’t want to be the son of another.


Zul-Fikar agreed to read a book titled, The Way of Jesus, along with a Bible. As the weeks passed, our discussions continued. Then one day I received a phone call from my friend. There was excitement in Zul-Fikar’s voice as he proclaimed, “I am so happy! I am so happy! I understand. I understand. I read the book you gave me, and I understand the connection of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am so happy! I am so happy!


Friend of the Shiite Bride, pray that more books like this, along with understandable translations of God's Word will be produced and given to Shiite families.


Later this week, copies of God's Word and other books about Jesus are being distributed in a large land where Shiites live. Pray that Shiites will eagerly accept and read copies of God's Word and other books about Jesus so they can understand and follow Him. Pray that many Shiites will be able to say as Zul-Filkar did, “I am so happy! I understand.

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