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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sh Br 41: Under His Wings

Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.
Psalm 91:4 NLT

Pray that Shiite children and their parents hear and discover God's faithful promises, and experience the joy and comfort of being under His wings.

Friend of His Shiite Bride, in the midst of violence in his land, one little Shiite boy is discovering how wonderful God's feathers are.

Hadi is an 11 year old Shiite Muslim boy living in Beirut. A few days ago gunmen stormed his neighborhood. He watched as snipers walked the streets and picked out victims from rooftops near his home.

During a lull in the fighting, Hadi happily walked to our home so he could play with our son. As we sat around the table eating lunch together, we began to talk about the recent fighting, the noise, the gunmen.

"I've been thinking about how God is like a mother bird who puts us under her wings and protects us from storms," I said. "Don't you feel like little birds these days?" I asked the boys.

"I feel like an ANT," Hadi said. "A very small ant. And a big lizard is coming after me."

We talked more together. The fighting was scary. We did feel small, quite helpless, really. But God was with us, and He will continue to be with us, no matter what.

Just before he left our home, Hadi stretched his arms out wide like a large bird and said, "I think God is like an eagle!"

"YES! And he puts his wings around us like this," I said, embracing Hadi. He smiled.

Minutes later as Hadi walked back home with my husband and our son, Hadi said, "I wish I could stay all day and night at your house. My parents know I would be safe with you, but they are afraid these days."

Pray with us that Hadi - and many other Shiite children like him - discover the haven of belonging to Jesus no matter what home or what city they find themselves in.


In the past week in Lebanon, fierce street battles have killed over 60 people and nearly 200 have been injured. Shiites are involved in this fighting, along with other groups.

For more insight into the current crisis in Lebanon and its global implications, check out this article from BBC's Middle East Analyst, Roger Hardy:

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