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Friday, December 04, 2009


Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

"While focusing on Shiites the last eight years, I can track the response from workers among Shiites.  Five years ago, workers said there weren't any Shiite believers in their areas. Three years ago there was a handful of Shiites following Christ, and now there are many, many Shiites following Him!

What I have seen happen is that when a lot of us pray in agreement with each other and with God during Ashura, God moves powerfully. I’m convinced that the response and openness to the Gospel we see among Shiites today is because thousands of Christ followers have prayed and fasted together during Ashura in the past. This year, may even more of us pray and fast during Ashura and may millions more Shiites enter Jesus’ sheepfold.”

The most important ten days of the year for Shiite Muslims starts December 17th. Ashura is a time when Shiites all over the world remember the brutal death of one of their leaders in 680 AD. They’ll be meeting together every day and night. Let’s do the same. As Christ followers, let’s fast and pray for Shiites Dec. 17-26. God will hear our collective voice crying out to Him for Shiites.

This Sunday when you go to church, invite your friends and family to pray and fast for Shiites around the world during the ten days of Ashura, December 17-26, 2009. Together, let’s CRY OUT for the salvation of Shiites this Ashura!

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