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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sh Br 28 Healing

Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make them well.
And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven. James 5:15 NLT

She was bubbling with excitement this morning when she saw me: "There was this lady who came to our meeting yesterday. She hasn't been able to walk for 35 years, but when we all prayed for her, asking Jesus to heal her, she began to walk. She began to walk!"

My friend went on to describe three Shiite Muslim ladies who were at that same meeting: "You should have seen them! They were devout Shiites! They were right there beside us, lifting their hands in praise to God, eagerly praying to Jesus, crying, asking for healing."

A loving, faithful local pastor and friend whom we call "Uncle" recently received word from his doctors that his cancer has returned. Last week he began a round of chemotherapy. One local follower of Jesus began to cry, remembering him: "Who will take his place? Who will love us and help us the way he has done for so many years? Why does God allow these things to happen?"

In a very loving and respectful manner, her adult son, a Shiite follower of Jesus, looked at his mother and said, "Mother, you are talking like he has already died, but he is still with us, and God has the power and the authority to heal him! Let's pray that God will do just that and if God does choose to heal him, imagine what a testimony of Jesus' power that will be to all the people in this area!"

Friend of His Shiite Bride, will you join us to celebrate and thank God for the healings that we are starting to see - truly, nearly every week now - here in the Middle East?

Will you pray for Uncle, and ask God, in faith, to heal him? Pray with us and these dear Shiite followers of Jesus, that God sends his healing power. Pray that many families - Shiites, Bedouin, and Gypsies in this area where Uncle and his family pour out their lives in love to Jesus - will see Jesus' power and authority to heal and will begin to follow him. Ask God to strengthen Uncle and his entire family, and pray that they will keep running their races with endurance, in faith.

Remember Zeina, who we asked you to pray for in the last Shiite Bride email? The chocolate and scripture verse bookmarks that she and other local believers gave out to all the kids during the holiday right after Ramadan were a huge hit. Yesterday, she gathered 30 young adults together - most of them Shiite - to pray and ask Jesus what He wants them to do next to help needy children and their families. They piled their meager incomes together yesterday and went out and bought several children school books. God is up to something amazing with Ziena, and we will keep you posted.

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