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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sh Br: Day 2 Dreams

Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

 Friend of His Shiite Bride, pray and fast for Shiites as the Holy Spirit leads you now through January 7. We are in the early days of Ashura, which is ten days of collective commemoration and lamentation for Shiites all over the earth. Pray they meet Jesus this Ashura!

Some of you have heard me tell the story of families in a Shiite village who had the same dream in the same night and now all follow Christ.  More than 1500 Shiites collectively responded to Christ in one night!
Perhaps you've heard me speak of Zeina, a young Shiite woman who kept having a dream about walking in a desert. In her dream, she reached a cord of blood she couldn't pass through, so she grabbed it in her hands, collapsing on the sand, crying. That same Shiite young lady now joyfully follows Christ and tells other Shiites about her wonderful Savior Jesus.
Many times Shiites move closer to Jesus' sheepfold through a special dream. Will you fast and pray that many more Shiites see Jesus in their dreams especially tonight and in the coming seven nights of Ashura?
Visit to download a Power Point presentation, a short video, and a copy of the Ten Day Prayer Guide to help you and your friends pray.
A brand new two minute video clip will be available to you on You Tube by this Sunday (we hope!) for you to share with your church family.
Fast and pray for Shiites now! God is listening to us, pursuing Shiites all over the earth as we fast and pray for them this Ashura.

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