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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sh Br: Day 4: Heart Wrenching

Shiite Muslims – a people God is pursuing to be Jesus’ Bride

God bless you, dear friend of His Shiite Bride, on this first day of 2009 and into this new year!  Thank you for fasting and praying for Shiites during their ten days of Ashura.
Here in the Middle East last night in the midst of New Year celebrations - some quiet, some loud - I watched and prayed as I saw Shiite men and boys clad in black, hitting their chests in a melodic display of collective grief, while Shiite women and girls wiped tears from their eyes during the fourth night of Ashura. I thought my heart would break as I asked God how much longer will it be until millions more Shiites worship and follow Him?
From Pakistan to Iran to Iraq to Bahrain to Lebanon and beyond, Shiite Muslims are commemorating a battle that took place in 680 AD when their leader, Imam Hussein, was brutally beheaded along with 72 of his family and followers.
I watched and prayed last night as group after group of precious Shiites swelled into a feverish pitch of chanting while they hit their chests and heads in unison. This collective remembrance and lamentation will rise in intensity through Tuesday, January 6, when it will culminate with many Shiites cutting their heads or backs with knives or razor blades.
Friend of His Shiite Bride, PRAY! FAST! The Lord of heaven and earth loves these nations of the earth! We see Him pursuing Shiite communities with unwavering passion. We believe that all this fasting and praying you and we are doing will result in transformed Shiite communities in 2009. Let us continue to agree together and with Him to see many more Shiite Muslims enter Jesus' sheepfold this Ashura.


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